IPSA Excellence Award

The International Police Science Association initiated an International Award to honor the achievements and contributions of the organizations, law enforcement, security services, and police professionals worldwide.

The IPSA International Award started in 2014 to honor and reward excellent police science studies and research. IPSA believed that by giving a broad scope to this award-emphasizing how and what police science is - we can make a real contribution to our country, to protect and to serve with excellence and quality.

The IPSA has three main award categories, namely:

1) Police Practices, Initiatives, and Community Relationships
2) Police Research and Foundation, and Development of Police Sciences
3) Innovation and Creativity in Policing


2022 IPSA INTERNATIONAL AWARD | International Police Science Association

IPSA International Awards are designed to include three main categories:

The three categories work on promoting the culture of excellence and quality in Policing.

(1) Police practices, initiatives, and community relationships
(2) Police research, and Foundation, developing of Police Sciences
(3) Innovation and creativity in Policing

The FIRST category: the award focuses on giving special importance for police practices or initiatives and how it affects society, thus, it is necessary that police services shall meet Community needs and exceed their expectations.

The SECOND category: the award focuses on the efforts of police research in consolidating and developing police science, both in its theoretical and applied aspect.

The THIRD category: the award focuses on innovation in the police field. The innovation includes two main branches; the first is the innovation in the Technical field, while the second is the innovation in the field of administration.2

Applications of Entries:

• All entries for the award are from Sept. 1, 2021 until 30 Apr 2022 and will be sent to judges from May 1st to 30 May 2022 for review, evaluation, and scoring. The results shall be sent to the IPSA board of directors for approval prior to awarding.

• Applications shall be sent to the e-mail address info@ipsa-police.org.

• The applications shall be submitted in English with the original language of the applicant and consists of 12 pages to display the criteria with 2 pages for each criterion with a total of 8 pages for content presentation (2400 words) and 4 pages for attachments.

• The application shall be accompanied by a participation document.

• Participation fees in each category are USD 500 for participating bodies or USD 150 for the individual participants. The fees include partaking in the award ceremony.

Evaluation Process:
• The award committee consists of 5 panels of judges (each judge shall be selected from different geographic regions (1 from America, 1 from Europe, 1 from Asia and 1 from Africa), and the fifth judge will unanimously be selected by the 4 judges. In case of disagreement in selecting the 5th judge, the IPSA executive committee will appoint. The evaluation steps go through the following:

1. Independent evaluation of each judge 2. Compiling and examining each candidate's reports and calculating the average rating 3. Present to the arbitration committee the results of the evaluation to take the final decision. 4. Sending the result to the board at IPSA to be approved.

Announcement of the Winners:

• The results shall be announced at an awards ceremony. • The three candidates shall submit a brief presentation of their projects before the audience in the workshop that accompanied the announcement of awards. • The winning research will receive an Award of Recognition.

International Police Science Association (IPSA) is a non-profit organization, exempt from Federal Income Tax section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code registered in the USA. Federal ID# 46-3909969. The branches include the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa.