Future Police Technology UAE, August 10, 2016

Date : 01-01-0001

Future Police Technology UAE is a specialized conference about future technologies that may be used by the UAE police to improve national security, detect crimes, solve cases, protect assets and improve public safety. This industry enhancing event will provide an opportunity for national police forces to gain insight from international expertise, cooperate, collaborate and share best practice to ensure national security.

This event will bring together the police specialists and security experts to discuss how a safe, prosperous and secure nation may continue to grow and develop through the use of cutting-edge technologies and analysis. Future Police Technology UAE will support the achievement of national economic development objectives and ensure a stable and well-balanced nation.

Future Police Technology UAE will support the delivery of each Emirates ‘A Safe City Project’ and the UAE Vision 2021. This event supports the UAE’s National Agenda aims with the objective of the UAE becoming the safest place in the world.