Benefit to Support Us

Why should support the International Police Sciences Association?

Advantages of Supporting the Association:

Supporting the International Association:

Supporting an internationally recognized Association, as the International Police Sciences Association has a membership in the list of non-governmental, non-profit organizations, with consultative status in the United States of America; in addition to being an observer member of the International Organization of Chiefs of Police IACP and the International Academy of Criminal Justice ACJS.

Strengthening the Community Partnership:

Supporting an internationally recognized association, improves the professional status of the supporting party, as it will be considered as a party enhancing the community partnership and sustaining the process of non-profit associations.

Research, Studies, and Training Activity:

The joint research program of the International Police Sciences Association, offer to the supporters the opportunity to participate in, and benefit from it in studying or discussing a specific problem of the security of the supporting party may suffer from; also it provides the supporters with a list of the latest research and studies, which gives the opportunity to the personnel having opinions and ideas, to exchange their ideas and opinion among them; it gives the opportunity to the supporters to participate in exhibitions and conferences in their specialties, and paying discounted subscriptions.

Printed Materials and Publications:

The possibility of inserting the logo of the supporting party on the professional publications of the International Police Sciences Association; also the possibility of introducing the logo on the Association's website.

Participation in the Periodical Conferences and Seminars:

An international conference will be held every 2 years in any one of the countries in the world and an annual local seminar will be held. The association's supporters can take part in both events for a nominal fee.

Deductibility of annual tax:

If the taxpayer provided financial support to a non-profit association registered in the system of Professional association which allows such financial support, in some countries the tax system allows to apply a discount on taxes paid annually.