Be a Member

What are Membership Benefits? 

The International Recognition.
Joining an internationally recognized Association, as the International Police Science Association has a membership in the list of non-governmental, non-profit organizations with an advisory status in the United States of America; in addition to being an observer member of the International Organization of Chiefs of Police IACP, and the International Academy of Criminal Justice ACJS.

Professional Support and Protection.
Joining a professional, internationally recognized Association and complying with all its professional requirements improves the professional status of practitioner members and support their biography.

Research, Studies, and Training Activity.
The research program of the International Police Science Association offers its members the opportunity to participate in and benefit from it. Also provides the members with a list of the latest research and studies which gives the opportunity to the personnel having opinions and ideas to exchange their ideas and opinions among them. It gives the opportunity for the members to offer training courses in their specialization and to receive remuneration from the organizers of the training.

Engagement with Government Entities, Associations, and Other Institutions.
There is no doubt that government institutions prefer to deal with associations rather deal with individuals especially with regard to issues of developing and proposing laws and systems, exchanging experiences in the field of police sciences and other fields related to police activity, and practicing the security profession. The International Police Science Association, as a professional body, acts to cooperate with universities and institutions of higher education by establishing training courses and joint research in order to assist members in completing their professional studies or research, in the research fields and also coordinates with other professional associations. In addition to practicing in the courses, professional research, conferences, seminars, and workshops.

Printed Materials and Publication.
The possibility of obtaining professional publications and assistance in printing, publishing, and marketing the books of the Association's members; publishing of studies and research in the Police Sciences Journal, and getting the monthly bulletins of the International Association of Police Sciences.

Participation in the Periodical Conferences and Seminars.
International conference in any Country is being held annually as well as the conduct of local seminar. The members can participate in both events for a nominal fee.

Deductibility of Annual Tax.
In some countries, the tax system allows the taxpayer to get a discount on their taxes paid annually in lieu of participation membership in a non-profit association registered in the relevant system of professional associations.