2022- IPSA San Diego State University,” Artificial Intelligence & Future Foresight of the Criminal Justice System”, San Dingo, California


2018 – IPSA- New York University, “Internal Security and Emerging Threats: The Inaugural World Internal Security and Police Index (WISPI) Discussion of the Results of the Index and its Applications”, New York University School of Professional Studies, The Center for Global Affairs, Barclay Street, New York, NY


2016 - IPSA-Doshisha University, “Symposium and Lecture on Police, Internal Security and Community”, Kyoto, Japan

2014 - IPSA-Los Angeles Police Department, “Conference on Quality and Excellence in Police”, Los Angeles, California, U.S.A

“Artificial Intelligence & Future Foresight of the Criminal Justice System”

  Sixth Scientific Forumof

International Police Sciences Association “IPSA”


The Supervision of

San Diego State University

Thursday And Friday, November 10-11, 2022

Viz Center SDSU,  San Diego, California, USA





Criminal justice systems suffer from what is called “Tsunami of Data”, during this huge amount of data circulation that information related to a particular task or topic may be increasingly vulnerable to the risk of getting lost in the Tsunami of Data that is constantly escalating, here the value of artificial intelligence may appear, which can extract the valuable information related to the application of justice. furthermore, for the investigator, the intelligent search function may reveal as one of the artificial intelligence applications is his means to search for cases or patterns of specific crimes.


The artificial intelligence role has also grown during the last period in the criminal justice system; from police to prosecution to judiciary, it has become a model for future foresight. As a result of that the forum of the sixth international of “International Police Sciences Association (IPSA)” is being held with the cooperation of the sponsor “Al-Mohanad Institute for Legal Training” in Emirates, whereas this forum aims to observe the best practices, exchange expertise and experiences, it also aims to discuss the most important challenges facing the administration of artificial intelligence applications and ways to confronting them, in addition, to identify the most important tools and technology that contribute to training and developing judicial performance, whether in law enforcement systems or in the Criminal Justice system.


Forum Themes:                     


This forum seeks to discuss several themes, including:

1.    Legal rules and provisions of the uses of artificial intelligence in law enforcement and the criminal justice system.

2.    Ethical rules of the uses of artificial intelligence, bias, and errors risks in artificial intelligence.

3.    Artificial intelligence applications in research, investigations, and law enforcement.

4.    Artificial intelligence applications in defense systems, trial, and enforcement of judgments


How to manage the forum sessions:                     


·       The forum is held over two days.

·       Two sessions are held, the opening session is at 9 am and the closing session is at 4 pm, attended by all participants.

·       The forum themes will be distributed over 4 general working sessions, starting from 9:00 to 2:00 pm.

·       Each working session includes 3 speakers.

·       An exhibition is held on the forum sidelines, including artificial intelligence technology, simulation, publications, and subjects related to the forum topic.


Target category:                     

·       Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Justice.

·       Different police officials.

·       Attorneys, prosecutors, and judges.

·       Members of scientific authorities in universities, colleges, research centers, trainers, and technological experts.

·       Institutions and working authorities in the artificial intelligence field and future foresight.

·       International organizations and working authorities in the criminal justice field.

·       Banks, financial institutions, technology and communications companies