• To improve the local Arabian and international scientific efforts in the field of developing the police science.

  • To strengthen the channels of communication between the police thinkers and researchers in the various branches and fields of the police sciences in order to develop the exchange of thoughts and ideas.

  • To develop the academic and applied expertise and experiences.

  • Encourage the intellectuals in the police field and other areas of scientific knowledge; to establish self-independent skills and to employ the sources of natural and human expertise related to the police sciences in a manner that leads to the integration of all its access.

  • To study the security phenomena through the use of different methods of scientific research in various police studies.

  • To develop the scientific personnel possessing specialized police expertise.

  • To empower exchanges of experiences and ideas on the development of police science by holding conferences, meeting, and lectures, provide consultation, and encourage authoring of articles and book

  • To publish police science literature, research, and periodical journal that will help to educate individuals to understand police science.