It has been my goal from the founding of the International Police Science Association to develop the international scientific efforts in the field of developing the police science; and to strengthen the channels of communication between the police thinkers and researchers in the various branches and fields of the police science and other sciences.

In order to develop exchange of thought, academic and applied expertise and experiences; and urging the intellectuals in the police field and in other areas of scientific knowledge to establish a self independent knowledge, and to employ the sources of natural and human knowledge related to the police sciences in a manner leads to the integration of all its excess. To facilitate the issue of exchanging the experience and opinions which will contribute to developing the police sciences.

I have been interested in rooting the police sciences since I was a student at the police academy; then my passion continued while I was working as a police officer in the Egyptian police; where I discovered through practicing that there is a vast difference between the police sciences, which was faltering and confused between experience and science, and between the police practicing based on the abstract science.

The specialized police sciences separated from criminal justice sciences, still fledging in the Arab community, and they might start to get some focusing on the end of the twentieth century; but these sciences are still unknown in the Arab world and in many countries around the world. Therefore, the idea of establishing a channel and find a place to gather thinkers, researchers and experts who are interested in police sciences in an association that will enable them to view and publish their experiences, research, ideas and their police practices which will make us able to achieve our vision towards rooting the police sciences.