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Founded in 2013, International Police Science Association (IPSA) is a Global non-profit organisation specializing in police science and practices.

IPSA aims to strengthen the channels of communication between the police academics and researchers across fields of police sciences to develop the exchange of knowledge.

The purpose of our carefully designed programs across quality & excellence in policing is to improve the delivery of public safety services, we aim to do this through maintaining a body of standards developed by public safety practitioners covering a wide range of up-to-date public safety initiatives and by establishing and administering an accreditation process. We value our peers and recognize professional excellence in our journals and awards.


Since the inception of the International Police Science Association, my primary objective has been to foster global scientific endeavors in the realm of police science and enhance communication channels among police intellectuals and researchers from various branches and fields of police science, as well as other scientific domains.

Prof. Dr. Mamdooh Abdelhameed Abdelmottlep.

We empower our members through sharing experiences and ideas on the development of police sciences through conferences, training, workshops and consultancy. Membership of the association reflects the diversity involved in the field, including law enforcement, academics, judges, policymakers and practitioners, and experts.

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