The 3rd Regular Session (2022 – 2026)

Michele B. Gregorio
IPSA Executive Manager

Michele B. Gregorio is a highly accomplished professional with extensive experience across diverse sectors, including engineering, education, legal, manufacturing, and medical fields. Her expertise lies in program and project management, administrative and office management, and research and training. Michele has made significant contributions to various industries in the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates.

Mark Addis
Senior Project Manager

Mark Addis is a very experienced Senior Project Manager having worked for numerous blue chip companies and multiple government agencies. Mark has delivered national projects including the introduction of new legislation and transformational business change. Mark has in-depth technical knowledge, working as a technical project manager having begun his career with IBM as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Ahmad Nashat Aljabi
IPSA Publication

Ahmad Nashat Aljabi is a distinguished member of the International Police Science Association (IPSA) Publication Team, contributing his expertise and dedication to the realm of police science and academic publishing. With a passion for advancing knowledge and promoting excellence in research dissemination, Ahmad’s journey in the field of Police science has been marked by a commitment to excellence.

Haider Obaid
IPSA Graphic Designer

Haider Obaid – Shaping the Visual Identity of IPSA with 32 Years of Design Expertise.

Haider Obaid is a seasoned graphic designer who has lent his creative talents to the International Police Science Association (IPSA), where he has played a pivotal role in shaping the organization’s visual identity and communication strategies. With a background in fine arts and an impressive 32-year career in designing and publications, Haider’s contributions to the field are both prolific and impactful.