International Police Science Association IPSA is shaping a necessary radical reformation of the role of science in policing to enable policing to become an arena of evidence-based policies.

Advancing science in policing is essential if Global Police are to retain public support and legitimacy, cope with necessary budget reductions, and if the policing industry is to alleviate the problems that have become a part of the policing task.

The new perspective in policing changes the relationship between science and policing. It demands that the police adopt and advance evidence-based policy and that universities become active participants in the everyday world of police practice. Having the police take ownership of police science will improve policing and ensure its survival in a competitive world of the provision of public services.


  1. Management of security knowledge through the translation of police science-related research into various languages.
  2. Dissemination of police culture through continuous training and development of programmes across leadership levels.
  3. Sharing of knowledge and expertise through regular conferences, workshops and opportunities to connect our members.
  4. Development of security performance through the Global Police Security Index (GPSI).
  5. Encourage scientific research in the policing field through competition for IPSA Police Science Award.


To be among leading think tanks in promotion of policing worldwide.


Attainment of a high quality, excellent policing through foundation and development of police sciences


Academic Integrity   Transparency    Fairness    Teamwork    Community Responsibility

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Our IPSA Team

We empower our members through sharing experiences and ideas on the development of police sciences through conferences, training, workshops and consultancy. Membership of the association reflects the diversity involved in the field, including law enforcement, academics, judges, policymakers and practitioners, and experts.
The benefits of becoming a Member:

  • Access to our members research and studies
  • Share knowledge worldwide with academics
  • Access exclusive journals and papers
  • Develop your professional knowledge
  • Advance your career with training
  • Publish your articles with us
  • Exclusive early invite our conference

Police Science

Police Sciences are issues of a subjected nature, unique approaches, in-depth topics, and independent purposes. Its relation to other sciences does not attract from its independents or from the privacy of its individuality.

The development of police science and all of its various specialties represents an urgent necessity,  and this is the aim of improving the performance level of police affairs, meeting its requirements, and strengthen the capacity of its facilities, to address all aspects of crime and delinquency in the framework of the legal context and without prejudice to the right and freedom of individuals.

Police Sciences often an ambiguous term that denotes the studies and research which directly or indirectly deals with police works. Studies and research in criminology. forensic science, psychology, jurisprudence, community policing, criminal justice,   correctional administration, and penology all come under this umbrella term ‘police science’.

IPSA Regulation

THE INTERNATIONAL POLICE SCIENCE ASSOCIATION founded by Prof. Dr. Mamdooh Abdelhameed Abdelmottlep, Professor of criminal justice and security expert. To establish an international association with the aim of rooting the police sciences, and to be a platform for the police thought worldwide. The thinkers, researchers, and personnel working in the police departments have been invited to join the association. The Founders have agreed to draft the statute and to officially perform the registration and proclamation of the association.

Thus, the Signatories on this document have agreed to establish an association called the International Police Sciences Association, the Founder has agreed to assign Prof. Dr. Mamdooh Abdelhameed Abdelmottlep, Founder and Executive Chairman; they also have agreed to the following provisions, considering the introduction of this document as an integral part of this document.

IPSA Board Directors Members

The 3rd Regular Session (2022 – 2026)

Founder & Executive Chairman

Dr. Mamdooh Abdelhameed Abdelmottlep (Ph.D.), (SJD)
Professor of Police Administration & Law Enforcement

Prof. Mamdooh Abdelmottlep, the founder of IPSA, has dedicated his career to advancing global police science and law enforcement. His initiatives, such as WISPI and GPSI, aim to improve police performance worldwide. He established the prestigious “Police Thought Prize,” recognizing outstanding contributions in three categories: Police Practices, Research and Advancement of Police Sciences, and Innovation in Police Work. Prof. Mamdouh’s commitment to knowledge management is evident through initiatives supporting the development of police sciences, facilitating the exchange of experiences, research, and expertise in security and law enforcement. He introduced IPSA programs for quality and excellence in policing, including certification based on professional standards and ISO certification for exceptional security agencies. Prof. Mamdooh oversees the International Journal of Police Science (IJPS), a respected platform for sharing scholarly work in policing among professionals, researchers, practitioners, and academics. His significant contributions through studies, research projects, and publications have greatly advanced law enforcement agencies worldwide. He has received international recognition, including the 2017 CRIMINOLOGIA.IT award from the United Nations, the 2016 Distinction Medal from the Ruler of Sharjah, and Certificates of Excellence from the Minister of Interior in the Emirates for his continuous efforts in advancing Middle Eastern Police Science and International Security Education.

European Branch

Mrs Barbara Spooner M.B.E
Managing Director UK

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Asian Branch

Dr. Mohd Mizan Aslam
Professor in Security & Strategic Studies at the National Defence University of Malaysia (NDUM )

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American Branch

Dr. John P. Sullivan
PhD in Information and Knowledge Society

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African Branch

Mr Lamin J. Gassama

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