Translation Services

Translation services – sharing knowledge and information through the translation of books and research of the official languages of United Nations to provide accessibility to all our members.

These projects benefit police officers and law enforcement, academicians, experts, and researchers. We provide translated books and research, testimonies, reports, and publications to benefit worldwide policing strategies. This benefits our members by sustaining resources and literature and we aim to increase understanding and knowledge of other languages particularly English publications for our members.

How our translation process works:


The scope of this project consists of Arabic books and research to be translated into English as per budget cost.


All submissions to IPSA must be made electronically via the IPSA online submission and review system.


All research and book electronically submitted are considered to be confidential and are evaluated by the members of the IPSA Committee Board, invited editor, or invited reviewers.


When the IPSA Review Committee has decided that research or book is acceptable for translation on the basis of scientific merit, the writer, author, and concerned department are notified. The text files undergo an automated pre-editing, cleanup, and tagging process specific to the particular article type, and the illustrations are examined.


The IPSA Review Committee will release the scheduled – based flow of the selected research and book in translation.


The amount of the translation based on the standard translation cost and printing wherein to be determined.


Book and research must get a good quality translation. Publishing should be through the general sales channels of the publisher. At the same time, the idea of publishing the translated book and research as iBook through online print.

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